Author: Jon Calvin

Introducing The Willamette Express Preferred Provider Referral Network

One great thing about selecting a company that has been around and been highly successful for over twenty years is we also know all the excellent vendors in other industries. Many of these vendors provide complementary services to Willamette Express that involve anything and everything to do with your move(and some just because we know […]

Willamette Express Makes Massive Donation To Salvation Army

When I looked at the mountain of stored furntiure and other home goods upaid and accounted for in my warehouse I came up with an idea, instead of running my annual auction to clear it out, why not give it to the Salvation Army. Over four days and over seven truckloads later, the Salvation Army […]

Willamette Express In The Clackamas Review And Portland Tribune

Recently Willamette Express donated a complete move for a local women stricken with cancer who was losing her house due to mounting bills and cancer treatments. Willamette Express stepped up to the plate for this women and moved her and her children to a new residence without charge. We were really happy to help Patti […]

Question-What About Insurance?

Always ask your movers detailed questions about insurance. The moving company will provide insurance at any additional cost. Insurance is usually basedo n weight, so you will need to assess the value of your goods versus what the insurance policy will provide should your belongings be damaged. Look into your existing homeowners insurance to see […]

Question-Will My Belongings Be Transferred During My Move?

For longer distance moves some moving companies may transfer belongings from one truck to another. These transfers risk loss or damage to your valuable possessions and should be reduced or eliminated if possible. Keep this in mind before you choose your long distance mover. Also ask about precautions taken during rainy or snowy weather,does your […]

Question: Do You Charge Additional Fees?

Another vital question to ask your potential mover is do you charge any additional fees? Many companies charge extra fees for awkward items that are unusual in shape or weight or when the access to such items are difficult and even when the delivery place is unusual. Of course, much of this is subjective and […]

Questions For Movers-Do You Subcontract Moves?

You want to MAKE SURE that the company that you are hiring to move you is the company that shows up to move you. Some large movers subcontract out to local one or two truck movers if they overbook. These movers may or may not be of the same quality of experienced movers and there […]

Question To Ask Your Movers-Are You Registered?

The first question to ask any mover is are you registered, with whom and what are your registration numbers. Moving companies should have a USDOT (US Department of Transportation) number and also a State Registration number. Simply don’t do business with any mover that is not fully licensed and registered as many unforseen things could […]

Questions To Ask Your Movers-Introduction

Now that we’ve covered the steps to lead up to your move, we should cover what to ask your mover before, during and even after your move. These questions can be key in making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible and that you are contracting with a vendor who is going to do […]

The Big Day Arrives-It’s Moving Day

Wow, you’ve prepared for weeks and finally the big day is here. Where do you start? With the beds of course. Take your beds apart and make sure all your hardware etc. is packed seperately, it’s the first thing you will want to do on the otherside. Here’s the rest of the day of the […]