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Who’s looking out for Grandma & Grandpa?

Helping seniors move from a home of many years into a new, often downsized home takes patience. Where are you relocating?  Into a +55 an over community, retirement or assisted living residence setting often has special considerations. Here at Willamette Express we’ve made this a priority to make this as stress free as possible for […]

Why Willamette Express Is Different From The Others

What differentiates Willamette Express from other moving companies in  the Northwest? Why would I want to make a career here? Why would you want to choose us to move your heirlooms or important  equipment, vital to your company’s bottom line? First it starts with family. Everyone here at WEX is family. What does the word family mean […]

7 Reasons Why Self-Storage Is a Really Bad Idea

According to The Self Storage Association, there are roughly 49,000 storage facilities in the U.S. alone. Self storage has consistently been the fastest growing area of the commercial real estate industry, representing $22 billion in annual U.S. revenues in 2011. But why? Why are Americans so willing to saddle themselves with material albatrosses that sap […]

Use Colored Stickers On Boxes

This is so simple but most folks just box and go, maybe write the room on the box with a marker. The problem is you will likely have dozens and dozens of boxes and they may end up in one big pile. Colored stickers help the movers and help you identify by room. Designate a […]

More Tips On Boxing Your Personal Goods

Packing your moving boxes correctly will save you time and frustration and money as well. Although some folks don’t think too much about packing boxes, come move time you will be glad you did. At Willamette Express we’re to help and answer all your questions, even the ones that seem silly like what is the […]

The Right Boxes Make All The Difference

Utilize wardrobe boxes and make sure all boxes are the right size for what you are packing, don’t overpack with weight, it doesn’t save you money and will make your unpacking much more difficult. These tall boxes are perfect for bulky, lightweight items such as comforters, pillows, and blankets, as well as clothes that need […]

Boxes, Boxes, Markers & Tape

Have plenty of supplies. Don’t make me say this twice– you’ll need LOTS of boxes–probably more boxes than you think, and having enough boxes will make your life easier! (If you buy your boxes from a moving company, you can always return unused boxes for a refund. If you got them free from the grocery, […]

Your Moving? Organization And Planning Will Save Your Sanity!

Moving can be a stressful nightmare or it can be an exciting adventure. The amount of time you use to prepare before, during and after your move will determine which it is for you. Not only will you save money by preparing, you will reduce the stress that comes along with seeing your prized possessions […]

Willamette Express Preferred Vendors-Landscaping

Let’s face it, there are a lot of landscaping services out there and some are simply better than others. It seems that the best services out there are the ones that folks recommend because they have been offering excellent service for years and with that I offer you Oregon City Landscaping. For a great service […]

Willamette Express Preferred Vendors-Painting

Nothing can spruce up an apartment or home faster than a great paint job. With that I recommend someone I’ve worked with for a long time that will do it right the first time: Dream Weaver Painting. Interior Exterior Fine Wood Finish Remodels New Construction Single-Family Houses Multi-Family Dwellings Light Industrial Commercial Give Them A […]

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