Who’s looking out for Grandma & Grandpa?

Who’s looking out for Grandma & Grandpa?

Helping seniors move from a home of many years into a new, often downsized home takes patience. Where are you relocating?  Into a +55 an over community, retirement or assisted living residence setting often has special considerations. Here at Willamette Express we’ve made this a priority to make this as stress free as possible for our mature clients. These moves are such a big life change that many seniors require special attention and reassurance for one of their most important moves in life. We have had over 8,000+ moves with our older adults going back to 1988. We know what takes to insure a smooth and successful move after learning some hard lessons in the late 80’s when we starting out (don’t try and move a family of pet Raccoons without an expert!)  There is nothing wrong with mistakes as long as you learn and strive for excellence from the lessons learned.

We’ve learned that when you don’t offer a service even if it’s out of your “so called” wheelhouse, either learn it or figure out who to recommend!

Barbara from Battle Ground was moving from her 15 ½ acre farm to Portland and into a +55 and older community last Spring. Yet Barbara had a dilemma. She had four Emus, three Donkeys, two cats, one horse and 14 chickens! She needed to place all of them in good homes except for her cats. We took it upon ourselves to find homes for every one of the animals. All the resources we’ve collected in 30 years of business have helped us, but we still gather resources every week. Even Broomhilda the ornery Belgian draft horse was placed in a great new home in Wilsonville!

Our crews are full-time, seasoned professional movers with many years of experience & that helps everyone involved. Our Elder’s training program is geared to the specific needs and concerns of mature adults. We are always ready to listen to special requirements and sensitivity of any treasured possessions or family heirloom. Each item handled and packed with extraordinary care. We’ve even built a specialized crate for an Urn of a Civil War veteran! During a new move we will explain moving procedures carefully and listen attentively to client’s questions and requests. No request is denied no matter how small.

We’ve moved one-hundred and twenty years of photographs originally from France, WWII artifacts, Ancient West African religious masks, DNA sequencing machines & trapeze equipment from a small family Circus. We’ve seen a lot of interesting history! On every move, our crews show the care, attention and consideration that help to ease the anxiety of making such a grand transition. Courtesy, patience and respect come with every move we do. Willamette Express Moving is always an excellent choice. That’s why it’s so easy to work here!


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