Why Willamette Express Is Different From The Others

Why Willamette Express Is Different From The Others

What differentiates Willamette Express from other moving companies in  
the Northwest?

Why would I want to make a career here?

Why would you want to choose us to move your heirlooms or important  
equipment, vital to your company’s bottom line?

First it starts with family. Everyone here at WEX is family.

What does the word family mean for you and who does in include?

Family, that’s a strong word. For me, it means to feel secure, to have  
someone who you can count on, who shares your problems. For me it’s  
not just the people you share the same genes with. They say that on  
average we spend 90,000 hours working in our lifetime. We spend more  
time with our co-workers than with our partners, our kids and  
ourselves. Other than the typical work personality assessments that  
help us capitalize on each others’ skills at work, we don’t really  
take the time to work on our relationships with co-workers. That’s the  
difference between other companies and Willamette. We care for each  
other because we know were all in the same boat on this 3rd rock from  
the sun. Family also means to have respect for each other and  
responsibility for the whole.

Every family has tradition. That tradition started with owner and  
president, Jon Calvin, at Willamette Express. For thirty years Jon has  
been on-site daily insuring that your move is secure, cost effective  
and done in a timely manner.

He has instilled an “Every move is a move where you would take as much  
care as you would when moving your Mom” attitude no matter how large  
or small of a relocation.

What really hitched me to Willamette Express is that we go above and  
beyond just the move. We had a customer that had a difficult time with  
good-byes to family and friends when she moved from Salem to Portland.  
We were able to connect her to a new community of like minded people.  
Three decades in business has given us a fast pool of resources. With  
the relationships we’ve nurtured in our community we had exactly what  
she needed, a knitting society to introduce her too!

Willamette Express not just a moving company but a resource for life  
changes. Where can I find a great set of tires and not overpay? I’m  
new to the area, do you know a great dentist? I hate Starbucks and I’m  
from the East Coast and I’m used to Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, can you  
send me in the right direction? All of these questions were asked of  
me in the last month by clients and answered by our staff! Come take a  
peek at the life of the people who take the stress out of moving.  
That’s what is in store for you next time we meet.

“And that’s the way it is in the moving world”…


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